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Stay safe with the Internet's most secure wallet.


Emma Goldcoin is the world's least-volatile cryptocurrency.


Send funds to other wallets quickly and easily.

You've got crypto!

Emma Goldcoin (EGX) is a truly egalitarian cryptocurrency. You've already got cash in your digital wallet: log in to see how much!

Eco-friendly digital cash

EGX's unique architecture means there's no need for energy-intensive "mining", so your investment doesn't cost the Earth.

Device agnostic

Access and use your wallet on any device, even when you're offline!

What people are saying...

Cillian C.

"I love that I can send and receive EGX from my mobile, even without cell reception."

Alexandria P.

"Emma Goldcoin was already the easiest crypto in my portfolio, but EGXchange makes it even easier!"

Eliana K.

"I feel safe knowing my crypto is well-protected by EGXchange."

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Your contacts can send you Emma Goldcoin using the following address:

Alternatively, they can use your name or any other identifier by which they know you, e.g. "my sister". Part of the magic of Emma Goldcoin is that it works functionally the same regardless of the identifier you use.